Ageing Hands

ageing hands treatment

Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic offers the latest in skin rejuvenation treatments, which may help to reverse the signs of ageing and restore a youthful appearance. We have over 10 different treatments to lift volumise rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the hands. We offer more range of treatments than most clinics in UK under Dr Sagoo’s supervision.


Our hands are subject to increased ageing because visible signs of ageing are most prominent in areas of the body that are exposed to natural factors such as sun damage.

Veins often become much more prominent, with deepening colour. The anatomy of the tendon becomes more accentuated. Skin wrinkles become much more prevalent, with the loss of fullness and elasticity in the deep dermal layer and wasting between bones may become more enhanced with volume loss.

The objective of rejuvenating the hands is to add generalised fullness to the skin and subcutaneous tissue in order to add volume to the hand.

We have several treatments to improve the appearance of ageing hands with a long list of treatments available both laser and non laser to address and reverse the issues causing ageing.

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Skin assessment

Our skin therapists shall initially asses your skin using our new state of the art skin analyser machine which looks at multiple layers of the skin to establish target areas that need to be addressed specifically including the percentage of hydration, pigmentation and sun damage and areas of increased vascularity.

skin analyser for ageing hands treatment

Treatments for ageing hands:

Intense pulsed light (Limelight)

Intense pulsed light therapy uses a light source to help fade the dark spots that form on the arms and hands due to sun exposure. This quick, painless procedure involves exposing the skin to a flash of bright light that targets the dark pigment while aiming to leave the normal pigment untouched. Minimal to no downtime is involved.

Intense pulsed light for ageing hands

Injectable fillers

The veins on the back of our hands tend to appear more prominent as we get older because the skin becomes thinner due to collagen loss. Natural dermal fillers may be used to add volume to the skin and may promote new collagen formation. In many cases, this will give instant results that continue to improve over time.

injectable fillers for ageing hands - before


*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results will vary from individual to individual.

injectable fillers for ageing hands - after

After injection of biostimulating filler 

*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results will vary from individual to individual.


Over time, the skin tends to become dehydrated and to become depleted of the natural nutrients that are responsible for maintaining skin texture. Mesotherapy involves injecting tiny amounts of essential nutrients and vitamins and amino acids, which may help to rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin to look glowing and vibrant.

Laser CO2 resurfacing

As time progresses, the texture of the skin on the hands tends to change, going from smooth to “leather texture-like" due to depleted collagen formation. Laser C02 laser resurfacing may improve the texture of the skin by boosting the skin's collagen cells. In many cases, the result is smoother texture-free skin, with a considerable improvement of lines and wrinkles.

Laser Erbium Yag resurfacing

Erbium Yag laser resurfacing is considered the gold standard in skin rejuvenation wit results comparable and even superior to C0 2 laser resurfacing but the down time is considerably less. Freckles age spots pigmentation as well as improving skin texture and quality can take years off the tell tale signs of ageing or sun damaged hands.

Vascular ND Yag laser

Prominent blood vessels /veins to the back of hands can be unsightly. Using a vascular laser we can treat fine blood vessels to the back of hands safely using a powerful vascular laser called ND Yag. The laser can be used in combination with other treatments such as fillers and skincare to give an overall refreshed appearance.

Hydrafacial dermabrasion and oxygen jet

Over time the dead skin cells build up on the skins surface called the epidermis and this may give a dull complexion appearance. It is importance to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells to increase cell turnover and oxygenate the skin. Using our latest aggressive hydrafacial machine this can be achieved as well as oxygenating toning and hydrating the skin .

The procedure is non invasive and well tolerated. After a course of treatments then only maintenance treatment is required 12 x a year. The treatments can be combined with laser and filler treatments.

Wart and skin lesion removal

Skin lesions such as epidermal cysts and warts are common and unsightly to hands and can cause embarrassment. We offer a range of treatments from medical grade cryotherapy to lasers to surgical excision of warts and moles to hands . Dr Sagoo has 20 years of experience of removing skin lesions and minor surgery with great cosmetic results.

Skin Care Products for hands

The Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic offers a wide range of medical-grade skin care products specifically designed to rejuvenate the skin of the ageing hands. Products containing retinol Vit C repair and increase cell turnover as well as brighten dull-looking skin and increase the production of elastin.

Skin boosters

We also offer skin injectable treatments to increase hydration of the skin quality and boost the water-retaining properties of skin therefore plumping and making skin look brighter and fresher. Skin boosters containing pure hyaluronic acid are injected at multiple points in the skin usually over 3 monthly treatments and then maintenance treatments afterwards. Noticeable results are seen after the first treatments. Skin boosters can be combined with other treatments such as lasers and fillers.

ageing hands treatment

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