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Dr Sagoo Central News - May 2008

Dr Sagoo performing the first semi ablative resurfacing procedure in UK on Central News TV.


BBC 1 "The Big Question" 2008

Dr Sagoo (here with Nicky Campbell) appeared as a special guest to discuss "The way we look, is it important?"


Birmingham Independent - Body Beautiful

Dr Sagoo is resident cosmetic consultant for monthly magazine Body Beautiful.



Health Issues in Women article by Dr Sagoo for Cosmopolitan 2006


Daily Mail Nov 2007

Dr Sagoo was featured in the national 'Daily Mail' newspaper in November 2007 being the first doctor in the UK to offer a non-abrasive skin resurfacing laser treatment.


Central New TV May - Aug 2007

Dr Sagoo has been involved in a series of programs for Central News, treating reporter Karen Griggs.


Eve Magazine Nov 2007

Dr Sagoo appeared in Eve magazine as the first doctor in the UK to carry out 3D skin rejuvenation. This exclusive treatment only at Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic has already been carried out on Tom Cruise, Madonna and Sharon Stone in America. To find out more about 3D Skin arrange a consultation with Dr Sagoo