Lip Treatments


Lip enhancement requires great skill as the lips are the focal point of the face architecture and counter the shape of the face.

Dr Sagoo has several years of experience in helping to create the fuller or more defined lip border, or even to create the youthful-looking “cupids bow” that many patients desire, using the latest in safe injectable fillers. If the lips are just dehydrated, then there are also rehydrating, replenishing treatments available.



“Cinderella Lips”

Some people want only a minimal lip enhancement (for example, if they have a function such as a wedding or a party to go to) without the longevity of the standard lip filler product.

“Cinderella lips” enhancement treatment only lasts approximately 24 hours, then will usually completely resolve back to normal.

This popular treatment is a one-off treatment at a cost of £100 and can be carried out as many times as needed, without any known long term effects. If you like the look of the effects, then Dr. Sagoo can help you discuss longer lasting lip enhancement.

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