Combine Treatments


Solihull Medical Cosmetic clinic under the supervision of Dr Sagoo offers tailor-made combination packages for all types of skin requirements. They are all devised by Dr Sagoo according to skin type required from mild replenishing and repairing treatments to more severely damaged skin using combination treatments light therapy and peels to full resurfacing to suit all budgets.

Combining treatments when administered by a professional, experienced specialist such as Dr Sagoo can have many positive effects on the area you are trying to treat. An example of this is the combination of light therapy and chemical peels, the initial application of the peel smooths the skin making it smooth, this ensures a homogeneous distribution of light meaning better results.

To arrange your consultation with Dr Sagoo with no obligation and a full list of treatment combination packages, please contact us online or if you have any questions or queries about a treatment that we offer, phone us on 03300 417494.