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Welcome to Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic

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Dr Sagoo, a well experienced cosmetic doctor and GP, who will see all new patients and either carry out or supervise treatments himself. All consultations are FREE of charge with no hidden extras and carried out at discrete, confidential clinical settings.

(*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results will vary from individual to individual)

Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

The Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic is one of the UK’s leading doctor-led cosmetic clinics offering a complete range of non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments. We aim to restore, improve and maintain natural beauty through the latest in anti-ageing treatments. Dr Sagoo’s wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the cosmetic surgery industry can ensure that the right treatment is provided for you. He is trusted within the industry from his more than 30 years experience and laser specialism to bring innovative new treatments such as the Pico laser tattoo removal treatment exclusively to the Midlands.  The thought of cosmetic surgery can be daunting for most people but at Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic we can help advise and direct you towards the right treatment whether it be cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments to cater for all your needs and requirements.

Dr Victor Sagoo  named as “one of the top 10  leading cosmetic doctors in the UK” by world-renowned cosmetic Arab website in the Middle East/ Saudi Arabia called  Tajmeeli

Dr Victor Sagoo, an experienced medical professional and well established local Solihull GP have been excited to announce out of the thousands of doctors within the UK, he has been recognised as one of the top 10 cosmetic doctors in the UK. This achievement has been recognised all across the world and within the cosmetic industry as Dr Sagoo was named as the number 1 cosmetic doctor based outside of London by an international world-renowned cosmetic website Tajmeeli in the Middle East and Dubai with over 800,000 followers per month. View Tajmeeli’s article here!

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

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BodyTite Liposuction
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Fat Reduction Before / After Results
(*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results will vary from individual to individual.)

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Commitment to Community

Dr Sagoo Slum Doctor

One of UK’s leading cosmetic doctors Dr. Victor Sagoo who is also a Solihull GP has recently returned from India as part of a team of 10 UK specialist doctors who went to a small village in the state of Punjab in India to offer free medical treatment to help the poor who require medical attention.