Injectable Fillers


Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic offers a wide range of injectable fillers, which are safe and semi-permeable with almost no possibility of long term complications. Dr Sagoo has been trained in advanced injectable filler treatments, having carried out hundreds of treatments over the last seven years. He has been recognised by Mertz Aesthetics pharmaceutical (manufacturer of the world’s leading injectable filler) as one of the experienced advanced injectable filler doctors in the UK.

Dr Sagoo has a vast experience of facial contouring. As many clients prefer to have only experienced doctor administered filler treatments (and not be treated by a nurse), Dr. Sagoo treats and reviews all his clients himself.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance which occurs naturally within the body and skin. It is involved with water in the skin to create volume. After about the age of twenty five, the body slows down its production of hyaluronic acid, and water is lost from the skin. This leads to volume loss with the skin, thereby creating facial lines, folds and wrinkles. A non-animal based stabilised hyaluronic acid can be administered by injections under the folds and wrinkles, where it may join forces with the body’s own hyaluronic acid to create volume and lift up the wrinkle. i.e. it is a ‘filler’.

There are multiple forms of hyaluronic acid available. Some work well for fine lines and wrinkles (around mouth areas), others are better for laugh lines and enhancing lips, and still others are indicated for very deep lines and for facial augmentation. For wrinkle treatment, no anaesthetic is required; however, when enhancing the lips, an anaesthetic in the form of a nerve block is generally required. After treatment, there will be slight swelling, redness and bruising, which usually subsides after a few days. The results from a hyaluronic acid filler will usually last between six and twelve months for wrinkles, but around the lips, the results may only last up to about six months.

Dr Sagoo has trained in advanced techniques of hyaluronic acid injection, using the newest products currently available (including those indicated for facial contouring and augmentation). These products should be administered by a trained doctor only, to give the best chance of achieving optimum results.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid injectable fillers

These injectable fillers may help with adding volume to the lips or the face.

  • A long history of safety and success.
  • No allergy testing necessary.
  • Natural, long-lasting, but not permanent.
  • May restore volume and fullness instantly.
  • May smooth wrinkles and folds.
  • May provide luscious lips.
  • Short lasting fillers – up to twelve months.

Other hyaluronic acid injectable fillers


Injected deeper into the skin to achieve smooth contours and allow individual shaping, certain hyaluronic acid fillers are indicated for and may improve the appearance of:

  • Smile lines – These lines, also known as Nasolabial folds, go down from the edge of the nose to the corners of the mouth).
  • Chin folds – Mentolabial folds.
  • Mouth-to-chin lines – The lines that go from the corners of the mouth to the chin and jawline. The so-called Marionette lines may give you a sad and tired expression).
  • Accentuation of the eyebrows, volume enhancement for cheeks, chin, lips and bridge of the nose.


Other hyaluronic acid fillers are designed to help with smaller and more superficial wrinkles such as:

  • Periorbital folds or “crow’s feet”, also referred to as Periorbital lines.
  • Smoker’s lines – so-called because they are formed as the result of pointing the lips to draw on a cigarette or to kiss, for example.



Other hyaluronic acid fillers are in between, indicated for problems such as:

  • Frown lines – also known as Glabellar lines.
  • Smile lines – these lines, also known as nasolabial folds, go down from the edge of the nose to the corners of the mouth.
  • Chin folds -Mentolabial folds.
  • Mouth-to-chin lines – the lines that go from the corners of the mouth to the chin and jawline. The so-called Marionette lines may give you a sad and tired expression.
  • Earlobes.
  • Lips and philtrum, which is the area between the nose and the upper lip.


Hydroxyapatite injectable fillers

There is also a new type of injectable product that may improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, and may also aid in restoring volume in and around the cheeks and providing lip definition.

It contains hydroxyapatite, a compound that is naturally found in the bones of the body and is non-animal-based (meaning that it is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction). It may offer more volume than other fillers, as it has a matrix that acts like ‘scaffolding’ to hold up the skin.

Its main advantage is that it may last up to two years and may improve the appearance of jowls, may help with nose reshaping, chin definition as well as fine lines and wrinkles. It is not used to volumise lips. Dr Sagoo administers the product and will review after each treatment.

Like all injectable fillers, swelling or redness can occur with mild bruising, which is generally temporary and nearly always resolves completely.

Dr Sagoo is trained to carry out a whole range of injectable fillers for lip enhancements and facial augmentation. As there are over 50 different types of injectable fillers available, Dr Sagoo will discuss the appropriate one at the initial consultation.



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