Eye Lift Treatment

With age comes changes to skin integrity and tightness. As we get older many factors to affect our skin’s structure; elasticity starts to deplete, facial fat begins to reduce and muscles in the face decrease in size. This consequently contributes to sagging skin, excessive skin and the appearance of wrinkles around the face and eyes.

How does an eye lift work?

This treatment is a brand new non-surgical eye lift and takes only a few minutes. Radio-frequency energy is transmitted through a series of small bipolar needles that heat the skin, which results in many minuscule pinpricks, which the body then heals.



It may help to lift, firm and tighten both the skin of the upper and lower eyelids. It tends to be especially effective in the treatment of skin that is naturally thin, or where eye-lift surgery is not practical as there is not enough skin around the eye to trim.

This treatment may prevent or delay the need for surgery, as long as it is not left too long and the problems in the eye area are not too severe. It’s not effective if the patient has fatty deposits in their under-eye bags or where the eyelid muscle is very loose.

Advantages of an eyelift:

Surgery can change eye shape, but this nonsurgical treatment can’t do so. However, one single treatment may tighten the skin significantly and may last for up to two years, depending on the patient.


 There is an initial recovery time/downtime of four to 10 days, with initial bruising and swelling expected. 

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