“Mummy Tummy” Make Over

Becoming a mother and raising your child is undoubtedly the most fulfilling experience in a woman’s life. Being an intense hands-on job, it does leave a toll on the body. Most of the changes only affect the way you look without compromising your health.

For generations, women have had to bear the brunt of pregnancy and childbirth without any option to reverse the physical effects of it. Cosmetic treatments may now offer the chance for a woman to improve her appearance in a safe manner.

Changes in the body from pregnancy and childbirth:

Fat changes

Weight gain is the most visible change after pregnancy. The areas usually affected are the tummy, hips and thighs. Most women are body conscious now and try their best to lose weight, but some of the fat deposits can be resistant to the efforts to get rid of them. Fat deposits can also occur in the arms and the back. The enlargement of the abdomen weakens the muscles and this causes a prominent paunch, which in many cases can only be corrected by liposuction and body contouring procedures.


Skin laxity

Excess loose skin can look unsightly. Laser skin tightening is often an effective way to cause collagen contraction, which may lead to a firmer and smoother appearance.


Stretch marks

Stretchmarks are probably the most frustrating after effect of the bulging tummy.

The stretch marks occur due to breaks in the elastic fibres in the deeper layers of skin due to the rapid inflation of the tummy. The marks then become prominent after the tummy is deflated. Stretch marks can be red or silver. In many cases, these can be improved with different treatments.


The clinic has a range of treatments from milder to aggressive CO2 resurfacing, which may help to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Thread veins

The appearance of fine blood vessels, or thread veins, are common after pregnancy. These can look unsightly, especially on the legs and face area, and can affect confidence.

Laser thread vein treatment can remove unsightly veins. Dr Sagoo is one of the leading experts on laser leg vein therapy.

Pigment changes

Due to hormonal effects during pregnancy, there can be increased pigment formation in the face, which can lead to a condition called melasma.

Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic, under the supervision of Dr Sagoo, offers combination packages to address these problems to restore confidence and general well being.