Injections for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Facial lines may be caused by the repetitive use of facial muscles in a certain way. People who are very expressive with their faces or have a distinctive facial habit, such as raising the eyebrows, frowning or smiling a lot, tend to develop facial wrinkles called facial lines or wrinkles of expression. These lines reflect the individual’s habit. The common areas of the upper face affected are the frown lines, forehead lines, or around the outer eyes, called “crow’s feet.”

In many cases, the appearance of these lines can be softened or eradicated by a muscle relaxing injection of a toxin that in low doses can partially paralyse the muscles of facial expression. The aim is to break the habit of frowning or being over-expressive so that eventually the person is not over expressive any more. Usually, patients have these injections in the frown line, forehead and crow’s feet area over a year. Muscle relaxing injection effects may last between six and twelve months. The muscle relaxer is injected in the above areas.

It has been used for many years to treat medical conditions causing paralysis, such as squints and nervous ticks. The muscle-relaxing product attaches itself to the muscle and cannot therefore travel within the body. The effect is that the muscle is ‘frozen’ and if the person tries to frown they cannot. After injection, the patient is reviewed after two weeks. This muscle-relaxing product is an unlicensed drug and can cause eyebrow drop if administered incorrectly.

New regulations

Due to the large number of not fully trained nurses administering muscle relaxing injections without a doctor’s assessment first, the regulatory authorities have advised that all potential clients have to be assessed by a doctor or prescriber. It is therefore advisable for patients seeking these injections to be initially assessed by a trained doctor and then the injection administered, not a nurse unless the nurse is a prescriber. This new regulation will remove those providers who are not fully trained and will help to avoid inappropriate use of clinical medicine. Dr. Sagoo has been fully trained by the manufacturers of muscle relaxing injections, and also in Harley Street by an eminent plastic surgeon, and has carried out several thousand of these treatments.

Forehead lines




Muscle relaxing injections for migraine

Dr Sagoo runs a migraine clinic for sufferers of migraine and tension headaches in whom conventional drugs prescribed by a GP have not worked. By injecting muscle relaxing toxin into certain areas, migraine may be dramatically improved for several months in some patients.

Muscle relaxing injections have been used with increasing frequency by doctors for over thirty years for more and more medical conditions. It also relieves suffering from migraine headache, tension headache, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ pain). This treatment can be very useful for patients with chronic soft tissue pain in their head and neck, often following motor vehicle accidents or other trauma.

Muscle relaxing injections may also effectively control excessive sweating on areas like the underarms and palms.

How muscle relaxant works on headaches

The procedure is fairly simple. A small volume of the muscle relaxing toxin is injected into the affected area through a very fine needle. The needle is placed just under the skin. You will receive multiple injections based on Dr Sagoo’s assessment of the area and condition to be treated.

What to expect

Pain relief with muscle relaxing injections may be dramatic and profound for many patients. The reduction in pain from various syndromes usually lasts about three to six months. The tiny injections are tailored depending on the patient’s feedback. It only usually takes one or two sessions of muscle relaxing injections to determine whether or not you are a responder to this treatment.

Dr Sagoo runs the only migraine clinic in the Midlands using muscle relaxing injections, and also receives referrals from osteopaths and chiropractors.

Muscle relaxing injections for excessive sweating

The administration of the muscle relaxing toxin for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) to areas of armpits, palms of hands and soles of feet may be effective for sweating sufferers.

A series of small concentrated injections to the sweat glands in these particular areas may give significant dryness from sweating, which can last up to nine months.

Usually, one treatment is required, with a review follow up afterwards.

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