Dark Circles Under Eyes

Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic offers a complete range of treatments to address dark circles under eyes. Some of the treatments carried out may be advised to use alone or in combination depending upon the cause. Dr Sagoo will assess each client before suggesting a treatment protocol.

Dark circles under eyes are a common problem, especially amongst Asians and black people, and can be embarrassing in public. Understanding the causes of dark circles makes it possible that we can treat the underlying cause.



What’s causing under dark circles?

Skin conditions like atopic eczema have been known to cause dark under-eye circles. The cause can also be from ageing since the skin loses collagen and thins, making veins more prominent. The dark circles can also be caused by your facial features. Shadows can be cast by bone structure, puffy eyelids or from hollows under the eyes caused by the natural process of ageing.

Family history inherited

A common cause of dark circles is family history or genetic, certain ethnic cultures have skin which causes increased (melanin ) production not due to outside factors alone.


The dark circles can be caused by seasonal allergies such as hay fever, food allergies, cosmetic allergies and allergens in the home or workplace. Allergies cause inflammation which enlarges the tiny blood vessels beneath the eyes. These swollen blood vessels press against the thin under-eye skin and the dark colour shows through. The rubbing and scratching can also stimulate melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) darkening pigmentation in the area.

Nasal congestion

Blocked nasal passages can cause dark circles because the veins from your eyes to your nose can become dilated and darken.

Vitamin deficiencies and poor nutrition

Poor nutrition can lead to vitamin deficiencies, specifically B vitamins (such as a B12 deficiency from anemia), vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin K and can result in dark circles. Vitamins are also needed for adrenal gland function. When the adrenal gland is fatigued from stress, excess consumption of caffeine, alcohol and sugar, vitamin absorption is impaired, resulting in facial puffiness and dark circles.


Lack of water causes dehydration, which causes blood vessels to become dilated and swollen. Also, as mentioned above, avoid too much alcohol and caffeine which can dehydrate the body, as well as disrupt sleep. Alcohol also decreases the flow of oxygen to the skin, as does smoking.


Smoking causes vascular problems, constricting the blood vessels, resulting in poor circulation and making the blood vessels appear more prominent and darker.


In addition to possibly causing anemia, your monthly cycle can cause hormonal-induced dark circles and puffiness due to water retention and PMS. Cut down on salty foods, carbs and excess fluids. Other hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause) can also cause blood vessels to swell.

Lack of sleep

While it is not the major cause of dark under-eye circles, lack of sleep can lead to stress and other health problems, creating paler, tired-looking skin and making shadows and dark circles more noticeable.

Tear trough deformity

 The other major cause of dark under-eye circles is a depression beneath the lower eyelids called a tear trough deformity

Tear trough deformity is usually commonly inherited over time due to the normal loss of tissue under the orbital rim area. In the event that a tear trough deformity exists, a temporary filling agent such as Restylane or Juvederm can be placed in the valley to plump up the depression, which improves the appearance of the dark circles. The treatment is not painful, and it is a one-time procedure performed after a small amount of numbing cream has been applied to the skin. 

Treatment of dark circles

Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic under the supervision of Dr Sagoo provides a range of cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of under-eye dark circles.

  • IPL ( intense pulsed light)

Using high-intensity light of a wavelength that is absorbed by the brown pigment in dark skin,  the dark colouration under the eye can be improved over a series of 3-4 sessions. There is no downtime although using high factor sunblock is recommended.

This is a new technique offered by the Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic which targets the built-up of “venous pooling” under the eye area. using carbon dioxide gas The treatment addresses this problem. The capillary network of the lower eyelids can become congested for a variety of reasons. Normally, the tears drain from the eyelids into the nose, but if there is some obstruction due to chronic nasal congestion from seasonal allergies or a nasal fracture, the drainage doesn't function well, and the blood flow to the lower eyelids slows down, leading to blue tinge under the eye. The lack of appropriate oxygenation to the lower eyelid skin leads to a bluish colour to show through the thin skin of the eyelids.

Carboxytherapy works to improve the capillary network of the lower eyelids, as well as to increase the dermal collagen layer in the lower eyelid skin.

By injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide gas into the affected areas, blood flow is increased and improved capillary networks are formed for longer lasting circulatory benefit. The bluish colour is replaced with a healthy pink tone.  A series of four to six sessions are recommended, with maintenance 6 monthly skin has a more luminous appearance and is safe on all skin types. In addition home, skin lightening creams are also prescribed to improve the colouration.

  • Tear trough deformity

In the event that a tear trough deformity exists, a temporary filling agent such as Restylane can be placed in the valley to plump up the depression, which improves the appearance of the dark circles. The treatment is not painful, and it is a one-time procedure performed after a small amount of numbing cream has been applied to the skin. The results will give an immediate lifting under the eye to improve hollows and instantly take years off tired-looking eyes. 

Glycolic peels, and homecare solutions. Glycolic peels break apart the dead cell layer and bring fresher skin to the surface, reducing pigmentation around the eyes as well as improving skin texture.

Using CO2 laser under the eyes of white skin individuals can help remove increased pigmentation peeling the skin after a “controlled burn” to the skin, this can also improve fine lines and wrinkles and texture.

  • PEARL semi-ablative laser

Using the long-wavelength semi-ablative laser PEARL  hyperpigmentation can be improved with less downtime than the CO2 laser.

Microdermabrasion is an effective method for removing dark circles under the eyes due to hyperpigmentation, this is a safe procedure with minimal downtime and is safe for all skin types. The clinic uses a medical microdermabrasion machine to achieve optimal results

  • Skincare products

The clinic provides a range of skin-lightening creams such as Arbutin and Kojic acid as well as Vitamin A retinoid creams and collagen stimulating and skin rejuvenation creams to help keep the skin healthy-looking. 

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