Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

Revolutionising the world of tattoo removal; Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic under the expert guidance of laser specialist Dr Victor Sagoo introduce the innovative Pico laser tattoo removal service. We are the first clinic in the Midlands to be able to offer this technique of tattoo removal to our customer due to our established experience and reputation within the cosmetic industry as a major referral centre for people who have been disappointed with tattoo removal results from salons and tattoo parlours. Solihull medical cosmetic clinic looking to bring exclusive treatments such as the Pico laser tattoo removal closer to home for the convenience of our patients; where normally an innovative treatment as this would otherwise have to travel to other parts of the country paying expensive prices for treatment.

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What is Pico Laser Tattoo Removal?

The Pico laser is a new development in the world of laser tattoo removal however the Pico laser tattoo removal service is already considered as the new gold standard across the world.  This is a new generation of aesthetic lasers that do not rely solely on the use of heat to remove or reduce the appearance of a tattoo. The Pico laser compared to traditional laser tattoo removal can remove and reduce the appearance of unwanted tattoos up to 3x faster than before demonstrating results in half the treatment time!

Pico laser tattoo removal uses specialist technology to produce short-pulse laser for the fastest method of tattoo removal delivering energy to the designated area quickly, shattering the ink into very tiny particles and allowing it to be easily disposed of by the body. All tattoos are different, and some darker colours can be more stubborn to reduce, but at Solihull medical cosmetic clinic and there Pico laser tattoo removal we can tackle all multi-coloured tattoos on different skin type where a tradition laser would struggle.


Pico Laser

Pico Laser Tattoo removal Vs Traditional Lasers

The Pico laser tattoo removal method uses completely new technology and innovative technology compared to more traditional laser removal. This technique meticulously targets and treats the tattoo without causing damage to the surrounding skin. With less heat generated, Pico laser tattoo removal is a much safer treatment with fewer side effects. Patients may experience temporary skin reddening or discolouration around the treatment site or a temporary lightening of the skin in the area. These symptoms typically resolve, and the skin returns to a normal tone after little downtime.

Unlike traditional lasers, the Pico laser tattoo removal service delivers super-short pulses of energy measured in picoseconds to the targeted ink. Instead of building up heat, Pico laser delivers energy so rapidly (in trillionths of a second) that tiny particles that makeup pigment and tattoo ink vibrate and shatter, without burning surrounding tissue. Less heat means less tissue damage and discomfort.

The Advantages of The Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Concentrated energy is delivered from the Pico laser tattoo removal in high power, ultrafast pulses that produce fast treatment. As a result of this technique shatters the ink particles small enough for the body to clear them
  • More effective on multi-coloured tattoos and different skin types, providing better results in fewer treatments – on average around 6-8 Pico laser tattoo removal treatments compared to 20 treatments using a traditional laser
  • With the Pico lasers, ultra-fast energy pulses being delivered precisely and optimally to the ink particles less amount of heat goes into the skin and is exposed to the heat. This means that their patients also experience minimal discomfort while the procedure is underway and during the downtime, once the Pico laser tattoo removal treatment sessions are completed.