All your questions about laser hair removal answered

Here at Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic, we get asked similar questions regarding laser hair removal every day, the top 5 questions can be found below, along with the answers:

Laser Hair Removal

How many sessions do I need?

This seems to be the most popular question for our patients and unfortunately, there isn’t an exact number we can provide; however, we can advise that the minimum amount of sessions required is 6. After your sessions, the amount of hair visible in the section you have had treated will have reduced by around 70-80%.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The answer to this question is, you may not have permanent hair removal, however, you will permanently have less hair than you did before the procedure. This is because the laser will not destroy all of the follicles and these can start to grow hair at any time due to many factors such as hormonal and weight changes.

How does laser hair removal work?

All processes for laser hair removal work in similar ways. The laser will produce a light which is flashed onto your skin and furthermore the hair. Your hair will absorb the light, and this will cause a heating effect. The heat your hair has absorbed will spread to nearby stem cells and destroy them meaning that no more hair will grow from that follicle once it has fallen out.

What areas can LHR treat?

Mainly all areas can be treated by laser hair removal. If the laser can get to the area, it can be treated. Many popular areas for LHR include underarms, face, chest, legs, arms etc.

This procedure can be carried on many body parts on both men and women.

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