What Bad Habits or Skin Treatments Should You Avoid?

Various treatments are available for many skin conditions and improvements – and we all love them! But there are some bad habits and even some skin treatments you may not know to be harmful to your skin that you should avoid doing.

Even though it will probably have a skin treatment available to repair the damages of the bad daily routine, avoiding some of them will also help with other health concerns such as skin cancer or body hydration.

Bad Skincare Habits Include:

  • Not washing your face before bed

 Oil, pollution, and dirt can lead to skin inflammation and breakouts. Having a facial wipe is helpful but it is better to wash your face properly with a proper face soap as always as possible.

  • Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your general health, but it is also harmful to your skin. Nicotine can reduce the oxygen and nutrients of your skin by decreasing the blood flow, leading to thinner, dull, and wrinkled skin.

  • Not using sunscreen

UV protection is highly important as it can prevent premature ageing and skin cancers. A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended.

  • Eating too much sugar or highly glycaemic foods

Excess sugar can lead to a faster ageing process of your skin. Is important to have a balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that can help also with antioxidant production.

  • Not cleaning your make-up brushes

If not cleaned regularly, make-up brushes can carry a lot of bacteria and dead skin cells. These will help to inflame the skin and contribute to breakouts.

  • Skimping on sleep

Having good energy levels and good nights of sleep can help with good metabolism functions and skipping it can lead to free radicals production, which helps with the ageing process.

  • Over exfoliating

This can cause skin irritation and inflammation as when we exfoliate our skin, we also remove a natural barrier we have. Exposing then our skin on a frequent or daily basis can be harmful and even cause the opposite effect.

Home Skin Treatments

Home skin treatment for their time can be very tricky. Lots of new treatments go viral in a flash without even proper studies and evidence and, suddenly, you can find lots of them available for a way cheaper price.

These are especially dangerous as some of these should require cosmetic doctors’ advice and proper products, but unfortunately, this is not the reality in many cases. Home skin treatments without proper advice and care can lead to many problems such as skin irritation, keloids, and burns and can even have the opposite effect of what they were supposed to reach.

In some cases, the cosmetical doctor’s help is necessary to repair the damage caused by homemade treatments, making the ‘cheaper and easy’ version, even more expensive.

That is why starting with small changes and general good skin care habits such as cleaning and moisturising can be the better choice and for any skin treatment, is better to have a cosmetic doctor’s advice.

If you would like to have professional help and consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Dr Sagoo is one of the UK’s leading specialists in the field and all our staff is highly trained and happy to help! Discover some of the treatments we offer.