What’s the difference between a cosmetic doctor and a plastic surgeon?

Do you know the difference between a Cosmetic Doctor and a Plastic Surgeon?

When looking at getting work done to oneself, should it be for medical reasons or vanity reasons, there can often be confusion between Cosmetic Doctors and Plastic Surgeons and what the difference is between the two. Both are very similar so if you’re confused, that’s normal.

To put it simply, Cosmetic Doctors work to the desires of their patients by using treatments to alter the way a person looks, whereas Plastic Surgeons are there to repair damaged skin or tissue in order to restore the function and look of the body. However, they are very different in terms of what they offer and what they do.

The main difference is that cosmetic surgery can be completed either surgically by a Plastic Surgeon or non-surgically by a Cosmetic Doctor.

 What do Cosmetic Doctors do?

Cosmetic Doctors usually treat people who want to enhance their appearance for cosmetic reasons. These procedures are done to change something about a person’s appearance that they may not be comfortable with or to enhance their natural features, but what most people don’t know is that they may also serve to fix some medical conditions such as benign cysts and migraine.

Cosmetic Doctors are fully trained within the cosmetic field, and what they offer can vary dramatically from clinic to clinic. Most popular cosmetic treatments include Liposuction, fillers, laser hair removal, skin care treatments, and facelifts.

One of the differences between Cosmetic Doctors and Plastic Surgeons is the treatments and procedures they offer. Cosmetic Doctors offer non-surgical procedures, compared to plastic surgeons who specialise in surgical treatments.

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 What do Plastic Surgeons do?

Plastic Surgeons provide surgical treatments and procedures to people who either need them done as a result of injury or health conditions, but they also offer cosmetic surgery to people for vanity reasons. Plastic Surgeons are the ones who offer surgical treatments, whereas cosmetic doctors tend to work non-surgically.

Plastic Surgeons use various techniques depending on a person and their requirements, including tissue expansion, skin grafts, and skin flap surgery, and also work within the following specialisms which are done to provide people relief and help as a result of health issues or birth disorders: Breast surgery, Trauma, Limb surgery, Cancer and Congenital.

Another area of Plastic Surgery is Cosmetic Surgery, which is done for aesthetics as opposed to for medical reasons, and these can include breast enlargement/reduction, surgical fat transfer, facelift, and hair transplant to name a few.

Which one do I go to? Cosmetic Doctor vs Plastic Surgeon

Which one you go to is a big question to ask yourself, but if you think about what your requirements or desires are, the answer should be easy.

If you are looking for cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance or for any other medical reason, but that doesn’t need to include surgery, then a Cosmetic Doctor would be best for you and can treat you at a cosmetic clinic with a non-invasive treatment. Whereas, if you’re looking for surgery to help fix an issue as a result of a health condition or disorder, then Plastic Surgery may be your answer.

Cosmetic Treatments at Solihull Medical Practice

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