Aging may be inevitable but that doesn’t mean it has to be worn like a badge of honor. Instead, patients are able to reverse the signs of aging with a simple non-surgical procedure that allows the skin to tighten and renew below the surface, virtually restoring the skin to its former state. This comes in the form of the Titan Laser Procedure™.

What is the Titan Laser?

titan01The Titan Laser Procedure™ is a non-surgical procedure designed to safely and comfortably tighten the skin in order to reverse the signs of aging. Loose and sagging skin naturally appears all over the body and face as we age. Skin looses its laxity and droops at the abdomen, underarms, jowl, thighs, neck, and face, among other areas. The treatment not only targets these areas, with the goal to get rid of unsightly loose skin, but may also stimulate natural collagen production, awakening the skin for a more youthful appearance that lasts.

How does the Titan Laser work?

The Titan Laser uses infrared light to safely heat the layer of skin below the surface, known as the dermis. The heating effect may cause collagen to immediately contract, naturally tightening the skin from deep within without any surgical procedure. Throughout the process, the outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis, is continuously cooled with the specialized hand piece to protect the surface of the skin.

Unlike other thermal-tightening methods that use radio frequency to rid the body of fat, Titan Laser’s infrared treatment evenly treats the areas creating a more uniform distribution of energy with a more comfortable experience.

Am I a good candidate for the Titan Laser?

model-face-redheadUnlike other laser treatments that may be less effective on certain skin types, Titan Laser treats the layers below the surface, making it ideal for all skin types. Both men and women of all ages have been successfully treated using this procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Victor Sagoo will evaluate the skin to determine if the Titan Laser may be right for you. In some cases, Dr. Sagoo may suggest other thermo-tightening methods or a different treatment that is more suited to your specific needs. The procedure can also be performed in conjunction with other procedures as Dr. Sagoo deems fit.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Treatments typically last one hour, although treatment times vary based on the areas being treated. A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin for optimal comfort. During the procedure, the Titan hand piece is directly applied to the skin. This cools the epidermis while treating the dermis below.

Some mild swelling and redness may occur as the body reacts to the procedure. While most patients will observe results within just a few weeks of the first procedure, patients are typically advised to receive three treatments in one-month intervals. Results will usually continue to improve for about three to six months.

Why should I choose Dr. Victor Sagoo for my Titan treatment?

Dr. Sagoosagoo was the first doctor in the UK to perform the procedure, has treated hundreds of patients using Titan, and continues to offer this to patients with the goal of delivering tighter and younger looking skin. As the foremost expert in the procedure, he has not only performed numerous successful procedures, but has also trained other doctors on the ins and outs of this ground breaking treatment.

If you could benefit from skin tightening by the Titan Laser for aging in Midlands, contact the office of Dr. Victor Sagoo at Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic today by contacting us online or calling 03300 417 494.